You can save your entire life by wearing shoes that fit you properly. Here are the most important details to think about when you are buying shoes for yourself or your family.

The Shoe Size Does Not Always Matter

Just because your foot was measured at one time this does not mean every shoe of that size will fit you. There are so many manufacturers of shoes and each shoe varies. You have to try shoes on, walk around in them, and buy the size that has the most comfortable fit.

What Is A Comfortable Fit

What a comfortable fit varies of course person to person. The best shoe comfort you can have is the one that gives zero discomforts to your foot. Your toe should be 1/2″ to 3/8″ from the tip of the shoe. You do not want to slide forward in your shoe and hit the front. You also do not want too much room in front of your foot. Too much room will make the shoe flap in front of you. Too much room in front of your toes makes you run the risk of tripping.

Width and Tightness

As we get older, our feet swell. You want to walk around in the show you intend to buy and make sure it is not tight at the widest part of your foot. You never want to say to yourself ” it will stretch out”. Make sure the shoe you but is not tight around the widest part of your foot. Tight means cutting circulation off. When you cut circulation off in your feet, you can cause your feet problems. If you are not sure what is too tight. Try on a couple of sizes of shoes and feel the difference between what is too tight and what feels just right.

One Foot Larger

Almost everyone has one foot larger than the other. You want to fit your shoes to the larger size foot. The difference is usually slight, but you want to buy the shoe size that fits the large foot most comfortable. Take the time to really try different style shoes. There are so many different materials and shapes of shoes. You want to make sure your foot moves with the shoe when you walk. You do not want any part of the shoe poking at your foot. Your foot has important connections to the rest of your body. If your feet are bothered the rest of you can be miserable.

Flexible Material

To ensure good circulation and fit, you want to buy shoes with a flexible, breathable material. Real leather, not fake leather is a great material for shoes. Not all leathers are the same. Make sure you test out the shoe and make sure the leather allows your foot to move and be free. There are synthetic materials for sneakers and such that are okay. Just try not to get a material that has a high chemical smell. You want to buy a good quality sneaker with a lasting material.


Even if a shoe is 200 hundred dollars, if the shoe is not supporting your foot, don’t buy it. You have an arch in your foot or you do not. Every foot is different. You want to make sure you land on your shoe in all the right places. Make sure the shoe you buy properly supports the arch in your foot. You also want to make sure that you can easily step from heal to toe. So that your heal lands comfortable and wide part of your foot that supports a lot also lands and supports properly. You do not want to wear a shoe where you might be stepping slightly on the arch support instead of further forward in the shoe. You should be able to feel that when you step you are completely comfortable with where your foot lands.


It is important to wear the same pair of socks to the shoe store you would wear with the shoes you buy. You would not want to buy a pair of shoes with thin socks that you would take home and wear with thick tube socks. Every inch matters. If something is slightly off in your shoe, it can make for a miserable you. Make sure you wear the socks you wear when buying shoes.

Buying shoes can be a fun experience. Whether you buy online or you go to a store make sure you leave with shoes that you feel you could walk ten miles in with no problem. If you do not feel this way, return the shoes. It is not worth your health and well being not to have the right shoes. Sometimes shoes do feel a little different when you are in the store, we all get emotional, this is okay. Making sure you get the shoe that fits helps to create a good life.

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